Natayalaya university

The vision to turn Natyalaya into a premier institution of Music & Dance is being fulfilled this year with the formation of Natyalaya a cultural education trust introducing One Year Diploma program in Choreography to train and equip those aspiring to be Professional Choreographers. This course includes training in Dance, Music, Martial Arts, Yoga and different Styles of popular dance formats from across the world like belly dance etc. to produce an industry-ready professional for the film industry.

Some of the lead instructors at Natyalaya are Rajesh Nair, honoured by Mr. Prabhudeva in SYE Suvarna Fame, Ms. Kavya Sha, who worked as on anchor in all kannada channels and has one the title miss kirutere 2011,Vijay, Rojor,Mahi,sanjay,jhon,sheshu,vinod & Pradeep/,Anuradha, Lakshmi (Bharatanatyam), Preethi. H. (Kathak).

Ms. Anubis Nirvana, born in Venezuela, a fine belly dancer and a member of International Dance Council (UNESCO), Mr. Daniel from Thailand and two instructors from Bangkok, now she is a part of Natayalaya to teach belly dance.

Mr. Jagdeesh, disciple of Sangeetha Vidwan Mr. Puttaraju Gavai would be part of Natyalaya College of Dance in Bangalore to train the students of the One Year Diploma program as a vocal, & Key board master & Mr.Shashank as a guitarist

Mr. Daniel seb from Nagaland , now he here with his troop to teach pop n lock,ballet,jazz, chacha, bachata, waltz, jive, & he is a Fitness guru too

Mr. Bharath takur associates' will teach Yoga classes

Mr. Sagar from Reebok will take Aerobic classes

Mr. Kishan who is international Karate champion will teach stunts

Many drama artist and directors will teach Acting too

Now, the students from Bangalore need not search for dance colleges in places like Chennai or Pune or even Mumbai as this classic course in Choreography offered by Natyalaya would be available right in their city.